Ditching the junker

Eco-Friendly Options You Can Use to Dispose of Your Junk Car

You may want to acquire a new car so as to get better comfort, among other things. When this happens, you usually end up dumping your old car in a garage or driveway probably due to mechanical issues. In such scenarios, the old vehicle becomes a junk car. Below are eco-friendly disposal options.

Donate or sale

If you can't resell your car, find an alternative way of disposing it. Put it up for sale to yards that deal with junk cars, such as a saab wrecker. You'll be paid cash for your unwanted and old car. In such yards, the unwanted vehicles are recycled in various ways. They're also dismantled and the break up parts are used for other productive purposes. These yards won't charge you anything for towing your old car to their yard. The amount you'll be paid will depend on the condition of your car. This is because junk car removal companies usually buy vehicles that are in any condition.

You can also donate your unwanted car to a charity. However, you must be the owner of the old car and in possession of the car's title so as to sell or donate. Also arm yourself with information on state laws regarding selling a used car since you may be sued for liability.

Recycle or Scrap

When you take your unwanted vehicle to a junk yard, it will be recycled or re-used. The tires, steel and other parts can be used to make something else. Ensure that the junk yard is licenced before scrapping your car. Ask for a Certificate of Destruction before leaving your car in the yard. Should your vehicle have non-metal parts that are in good condition, remove them and sell or re-use. For instance, the air filter, windshield fluid and spark plugs are parts you can sell.

Takeback or Trade-in

Have a trade-in when buying a new car. In the long-run this will be in your best interest. If your car is in good condition you'll get good money meant for the down payment of a new car. When you trade-in your car, you don't have to worry about reselling it. That becomes the dealership's responsibility. You can also opt for take back programmes which are offered by some manufacturers. In simple terms, if your vehicle is no longer in good condition, you can return it to the manufacturer so as to reclaim recyclable parts.

It doesn't matter whether your current vehicle has mechanical issues or low mileage. The best way to dispose your unwanted car is to embrace the above eco-friendly options.

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Ditching the junker

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