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Why Your Local Auto Wrecker Should Be Your First Call For Car Spares

When your old car misbehaves and you need to replace a failed part to get it back on the road, your first choice of supplier might not be the local auto wrecker. However, this could actually be your best option for a number of reasons. Read on to find out more.

Discontinued models

If you have owned your car for many years, you could have trouble obtaining brand new parts from the manufacturer if you find that your model has been discontinued. However, auto wrecker's yards can be a goldmine for owners of classic vehicles searching for spares, as they frequently have parts in stock from older cars.

Environmental considerations

If you order a new part for your car through a dealer, there's a good chance that the item will be shipped some considerable distance from the vehicle manufacturer. Add this to the cost in fuel and emissions involved in making the new part and you can see how this all adds to the carbon footprint created by your vehicle. 

Recycling used car parts is a great way of keeping your vehicle on the road, whilst still caring for the planet.

Cost savings

Although your local dealership will be able to obtain a brand new part for your car, you will pay top dollar for it. However, virtually new cars frequently pass through the auto wrecker's yard, which have been written-off in accidents, and although no longer driveable, many of their parts are still safe and useable. This means that you can obtain a nearly new replacement part for your car at a fraction of the price of a new one. For this reason, wrecker's yards are often a great source of pre-used, almost new tyres.

In addition, the dealer will probably charge you for handling and shipping the spare part, in addition to taxes and labour. An auto wrecker will usually charge you lower taxes, because the cost of the part is lower.

Keeping it local

Sourcing spares from a local auto wrecker also means that you won't have a lengthy wait for the spare part to arrive; you just collect the item and take it to the garage for fitting to your car.

Keeping your shopping local also means that you are injecting money back into your local economy and supporting the small businesses, which are the life blood of your community.

In conclusion

If you own an older vehicle, your best bet for replacement parts could be from your local auto wrecker. Next time you need a spare for your wheels, why not give them a try?

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