Ditching the junker

3 Ways to Take Advantage of Auto Wreckers When Your Car Needs Repairs

When you have an older car that needs repairs or a car that is beyond repair, you might want to think about working with an auto wrecker. They can save you money when it comes to your repair bills and for when your car is not salvageable. Consider how this is done.

1. Finding used car parts

New parts for cars are often very expensive, especially major parts for the engine, transmission and other such components. In some cases you may not even be able to find parts for an older car if they're no longer being manufactured. You may then consider using off-brand parts that don't fit right and which may not even be safe to use.

To save money on the parts you need, call an auto wrecker. When they purchase or get in older cars, they strip them down and remove all the working, useable parts. They may make minor repairs to them, but those parts then get cataloged and are available for resale. They are often just as useable as new parts and cost a fraction of the price. Auto wreckers may also have parts for older cars that you won't find at a retailer.

2. "Parting" your old car

Because auto wreckers make money from old car parts, they are also typically in the market for these parts and not just a complete car itself. In some cases a car may not be drivable because of being in an accident or needing repairs outside your budget, but it may still have many workable or salvageable parts. You might strip off certain belts and hoses or remove parts that are not damaged, such as the radiator or brake pads. You can then sell these to an auto wrecker separately and have the car's frame junked.

To do this, it's good to call beforehand and ensure they're in the market for the parts you have. You also need to have the right tools and the know-how to take off these parts without damaging them and to get them to the wreckers.

3. Wrecking your old car

If your car is beyond repair and you cannot take off the old parts yourself, you may want to simply call an auto wrecker and have them haul it away. They may pay you a small amount for the parts and the metal of the frame, but this is a better option than paying someone else to junk your car for you. When you're ready to get rid of that old car, call around to see what auto wreckers, like at Dry Creek Auto Wreckers, can help you the most and who will get you the most money.

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